How can you get more out of your existing manufacturing capacity?

At Operator Systems, we concentrate on how we can assist manufacturing organizations in being more productive and efficient while utilizing their existing resources. We also understand how important it is to be aware of the status of all manufacturing activities. As a result, we are pleased to announce the release of a new edition of our Operator OEE platform!

We are constantly developing new ways to provide our customers with a greater understanding of how their production is operating, not only “online” but also by allowing them to analyze production data across several dimensions such as shifts, months, facilities, product lines, and so on.

The new Operator OEE module allows you to receive a quick overview of several machines. The enhancements in this new edition improve the overall user experience and make it easier for users to reach their preferred, personalized overview fast.

You can see the “online” status of the machines or the line / machine positions that are handled at that terminal on a single detailed display screen. The brand-new Operator OEE screen layout displays the performance of the machine or line during the selected shift.

Operator OEE

The new Operator OPO functionality provides:

  • Current OEE – The right side of the screen displays the most important KPIs for the current shift
  • Planned and Unplanned Stops, each marked with the selected STOP code
  • Performance loss
  • Quality produced (rejected) – There will be counts of the number of produced items, and the number of defective items
  • Trend curve for good items produced per hour
  • SPC (if enabled)
  • Current order – how many items have already been produced, and if the current rate of production is complying with expected production rate. You will be able to visually follow production progress through a user-friendly color-coding system (which uses colors to indicate production status)

From the same window, you can directly access various relevant data, including:

  • Worklist – Production Order summary
  • Machine Status
  • Shift Report – view of the performance of the shift

It is possible to manage a “rework” status easily from the same location. In that situation, the machine’s status indicates that it is presently dealing with the recast difficulties. The machine will display the rework cause code as well as the OEE calculations, which ensure that the system keeps track of the right number of items produced and rejected.

On the Shift report screen, the following information is displayed:

  • the number of items produced as compared to the number planned for production
  • the order’s start time and the order’s expected end time (calculated based on the machine’s performance)
  • If delayed – have many minutes

After implementing the system with the SPC module, the same screen is extended with an additional tab presenting current data on key process parameters.

All users of Operator have the same look and feel no matter if they work in the warehouse (WMS) or next to machine (OEE). The new version supports also mobile devices like Tablets and Mobile phones (either Android or iOS).

The Operator Solution can offer you the same low cost of ownership as our more than 130 implementations already has experienced.

Contact us for more details about Operator OEE.


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