The objective of our Partner Program is to expand our partner community by keep attracting highly skilled partners, with local presence and complementary solutions to Operator MES.

Through training and cooperation on customer projects, we will ensure that all our partners have the best skills and competences needed to deliver value and high customer satisfaction.

Our partners is the foundation of our growth ambitions and must understand the trends of the industry, the needs of the customers and have extensive knowledge of local customs and languages. Partners will be capable of supporting our customers in optimizing their production environment and deliver fast and reliable return on investment.

Our Partner Program

Our Partner Program has a clear objective to attract an ecosystem of partners with Value Added Resellers that can sell and implement and System Integrators who focus on implementation and integration. Furthermore it is part of our strategy to engage in dialogue with advisors, analysts and other industry experts.

Finally we will extend our engagement with a wide range of Alliance Partners such as Lawson, SAP and Microsoft to make sure they understand our offerings to the market and acknowledge the skills our partner channel offers to the customers.

We have build a program to develop as a partner gradually as the partner gains experience with Operator and reaches profitability.

The Partner Program has a set of minimum requirements that partners must fulfill in order to deliver successful MES solutions to the market. I.e. number of sales and consultants who are trained and have hands-on experience from Operator MES solutions as well as market activity requirements.

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