Food industry solutions

Maintain production with high quality standards and full traceability

Food manufacturers are facing a critical role – maintaining the highest possible safety and quality standards. Vacillating consumers, powerful retailers, tough product traceability requirements and increasingly strict food safety regulations have presented significant challenges for manufacturers operating in this industry. Operations have grown increasingly complex and distributed across regions, global suppliers and disparate production facilities. The end result is a complex mixture of legacy systems, processes and cultures that are tough to manage.

The Operator Systems solutions for Food industry address these challenges by production, quality, warehouse, packaging, labor and maintenance operations management. The Operator MOM functionalities are designed to secure accurate data, visibility and a motivated effective workforce, and help you to make the right decisions at the right time – key attributes that every Operator Systems solution can deliver.

Improve Visibility into and Synchronization across all production and logistic processes

  • Full visibility of production processes. Operator Systems provides possibility of quantities on-line reporting, workforce and resources utilization, with integration to machines. Production and warehouse data gathered be Operator are available in Operator Manufacturing intelligence and Enterprise systems (BI, ERP, APS) for scheduling and planning, to optimize enterprise costs.
  • Rapid adaptation to new works with short lead times and fast flow of information.
  • Automate traceability data collections processes to improve accuracy and responsiveness. Operator enables efficient identification of items on shop-floor also between production steps with bar code scanning.

Continuously Improve Quality, Safety and Growth with Real-time Intelligence

  • Identify potential quality issues quickly and early to minimize impact. Operator Dispatch manager provides shop-floor users: manager, foreman and workers with actual information’s about production in progress. It delivers all information’s need for job execution and also gather production data – quantity reporting, time consumption etc. – from the shop-floor.
  • Imbed quality testing throughout manufacturing operations; ad hoc capabilities for continuous improvement or troubleshooting. Quality and rework management is also secured by the Operator solution it enables good, reworked, reclassified or scraped effective materials handling.
  • Standardize metric management across your global manufacturing network to improve brand integrity. Operator MOM system suite thanks to its unique architecture can handle any metric systems and recalculate metrics on any production or logistic activities. Thanks to this solution, plants from different plants around the world doesn’t need to change own habits and data in the system are consistent and reliable.

With Operator Systems, you can optimize performance across all aspects of the order-to-delivery cycle, including your people, materials, machines and processes. With real-time data, signals, alerts, KPIs and business intelligence to and from any network location around the world, Operator Systems solution gives opportunity to respond quickly to regulatory change and unexpected events.

Some of the Food & Beverage manufacturers that have chosen to implement an Operator Systems solution include:

  • Anglo Beef Processors
  • Ardo (Case Study)
  • Arovit (Case study)
  • Lantmännen Schulstad
  • Nutreco
  • Saba
  • Swedish Match
  • Natur-Drogeriet (Case study)

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