Operator Systems in the Analyse Industry

We would like to introduce news regarding Operator and our focus on Industry 4.0 in the special edition of the Danish business paper Børsen - Analyse Industry.

Operator Systems A/S – new location

The world is constantly changing – and so are Operator Systems.

Operator Systems – Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data are new areas that we work with and which help to ensure that our solution live up to the constant changes and new opportunities we and our customers faces.

Operator Systems A/S on World Class Manufacturing conference

Once again, Operator Systems Poland will present its offer on the World Class Manufacturing – Produkcja klasy światowej conference.On this conference, you will be presented with practical business knowledge that will enable you to introduce changes in your company and let you gain advantage over your competitors. Topics reflects the most recent trends in the economy.

Just released: Operator Maintenance mobile solution

At Operator Systems, we are aware of the strong demand for mobile plant monitoring capabilities. We already introduced our Operator OEE app. Following that trend, our team developed the new Operator Maintenance mobile application. The Maintenance App is aimed for the technical staff responsible for repairs and maintenance at the shop floor. Using the app service engineers will be informed about maintenance tasks initiated by the shop-floor staff.

Updated Version of Operator Performance Optimizer – OEE module

At Operator Systems, we focus on how we can help manufacturing companies be more productive and effective using their current resources. We also know that it is crucial for you to know how your production operations are performing. That is why we would like to introduce a new version of our Operator Performance Optimizer – OEE module.

Tarczyński optimize machine utilization with Operator Performance Optimizer – OEE

Operator Systems is proud to announce that Tarczyński, a prominent Food manufacturing company, has decided to invest in a new Operator OEE platform to strengthen its effectiveness and to increase its market competitiveness.

Just Released: Operator MOM Suite – Version 5.0

At Operator Systems, we know that it is crucial for you to know how your production operations are performing. Our clients need to be able to view not only an online performance snapshot, but to also have the ability to analyze their production data from different dimensions such as specific shifts, months, across facilities or product lines et al. That is why our team is focused on continually developing new and innovative methods for production analysis in order to help manufacturing companies be more productive and effective.

Updated Operator SPC Module Provides Improved Values Analysis

We would like to introduce a new and improved Operator Statistical Process Control (SPC) module. Through monitoring and controlling the process values, the SPC module ensures that your production continually operates at its full potential. Operator SPC allows for optimization of production with a minimum of waste, rework or scrap.

New Chairman of the Operator Board

We are proud to announce that Mr. Morten Nielsen has accepted to be our new Chairman of the Board. Morten has more than 20 years of experience across various industries and have obtained extensive executable experience within fast-track turnaround, management consulting, business development, product innovation, regulatory affairs and performance management.

Operator Systems Presents Innovative Production Optimizer at Seminars

Operator Systems is presenting its streamlined methods of production optimization at a several seminars in Poland throughout the autumn. During these seminars, manufacturing companies will have the opportunity to learn about the tools Operator Systems offers to help them be more productive and efficient. Companies will have a chance to explore the multiple functionalities of our production optimization modules, including detailed views of production operations.

Operator Production Optimizer

How do you monitor your production performance today? Are you juggling tons of spreadsheets?At Operator Systems we focus on how we can help manufacturing companies being more productive and effective. We know that it is crucial for you to have an overview of how your production is performing, not only ”on – line” but also give you the possibility to analyse production data in different dimensions like from last shift, from last months, across facilities, across product lines etc.

OSTP Deploys Operator MES

Operator Systems A/S is proud to announce that OSTP has decided to invest in a new Operator MES platform to strengthen its effectiveness, market competitiveness, and to increase levels of customer satisfaction.

Updated Version of Operator Dashboards & Analytics

We would like to introduce an updated version of our Dashboard and Analytic module. This improved version includes a redesigned layout; this layout displays a better overview on Key Performance Indicators, including equipment performance. With this updated version, it is now also easier to view the status of each particular machine. The new version also includes a “what if” functionality, which makes it easy to see how adjustments in KPIs could improve performance.

Improved Machine Integration: The Operator Datalogger

The Operator MES system relies on data gathered from the shop floor. To ensure the reliability of data, data must be gathered automatically and continuously. That is why the Operator team is constantly working on improving the performance and reliability of our machine integration solutions. Our newest innovation, including many improvements and new features, is the Operator Datalogger (ODL).

Operator OEE Goes Mobile

Operator Systems is aware of the strong demand for mobile plant monitoring capabilities, and we know this demand will only increase. Therefore, we would like to introduce Operator OEE – a dedicated application for mobile devices.

Operator Systems status change

Effective as of November 16. 2015 Operator Systems has changed status from an ApS (Private Limited Company) to an A/S (Public Limited Company).

Operator System in Food & Drink magazine Dec 2015

We would like to introduce the news regarding Operator in the December issue of the European Food & Drink magazine.

The New Operator Upgrading Tool Makes the IT Department’s Life Easier.

We would like to introduce the new Operator upgrading tool. It’s a tool for automatic and smooth upgrades. It doesn’t only help with new version installations but also for updating databases, interfaces and many other alterations with a new version.

Operator Systems on conferences

Over the past three months, Operator Systems has taken part of three conferences for managers of manufacturing companies.

Operator Systems now offer a ROI calculator for OEE

Together with an external consulting company Operator Systems has developed a ROI calculator for OEE.

Operator MES Now Offers Interface for Tablets

Operator Systems sees a strong demand for tablet reporting capabilities. Therefore we have developed a new framework which make it possible to enable reporting from all mobile devices like tablets

Operator presents data integration on Synergy Days 2015

Operator participates as technology partner at the Polish Senergy Days 2015. Conference takes place in Serock near Warsaw June 18th, 2015.

New member of Operator Systems family

With great pleasure we would like to introduce that Lars Svejgaard has become a new member of Operator Systems consultant’s team.

ABP Food Group continues to standardise on Operator Dynamic Integrator.

ABP Food Group has for 10+ years has used the Operator Dynamic Integrator in their ABP UK division.

Control production through more accurate monitoring.

Most production companies uses MES class systems as a production resources monitoring tool. Most of these solutions deliver a resource overview on a production line or some bottle neck machine level. The Operator Systems clients want to go to the next or – more accurately speaking – lower level.

Increase productivity with real time production execution visualisation.

We would like to introduce our new Operator Visualisation Board which delivers all necessary KPI’s for employees per defined time on, for example, big flat screens on the factory floor. It is a ready-to-use module, showing the current status and potential issues on the shop-floor, e.g. when KPI’s doesn’t meet targets, delayed operations, machine status or breakdowns.

Action based management

The Operator solution offers a unique functionality, which can ensure that your production team is informed immediately whenever something unexpected is happening. No time is wasted searching for issues through a lot of data; the system will immediately flag up any unexpected or “out of boundary” events.

Strengthening of the Polish team

To strengthen our team in Poland we welcome Tomasz Pycia.

How do we stand with the plan execution? – At first sight!

We would like to introduce our new Plant overview board. It is a ready-to-use module, showing the current status and potential issues on the shop-floor, e.g. delayed operations, material shortages, tool problems, machine status or breakdowns.

Global MES Market Segment Report

With pride, we would like to point out that in a new report published by Transparency Market Research, Operator Systems has been listed as a one of major players in MES market.

Customers satisfaction research results

In January we made research of customer service quality in order to help us find our strengths and to establish these areas which require improvements.

New report from Frost & Sulivan Focuses

Frost & Sullivan has released a new report - Factories of the Future.

Operator enters the chinese market

Operator enters the chinese market when one of our customers implement the Operator at their new factory in Nantong City in China.

New partner alliance

As part of our strategy being able to offer a strong combination of our standard MES solution combined with implementation partners, we are happy to announce a partner alliance with IKS-Net.

New employee in Poland

To strengthen our team in Poland we welcome Pawel Piatek who will start on March 1st.. Pawel is 35 years old and has competences within Programming and designing from companies such as Advanced Business solutions and Quantum Software.

Save up to 30% on Operator Dashboards and Analytics

Christmas Campaign: Save up to 30% on Operator Dashboards and Analytics.

Cap Gemini and Operator partners on e-seminar

ComputerWorld are organising an e-seminar "Supervision and optimization of production: MES systems for manufacturing" where Cap Gemini and Operator are partnering as speakers.

Main sponsor at WCM 2012 in Poland

Operator is main sponsor at the 10th anniversary edition of the World Class Manufacturing conference in Kraków, Poland November 20-22, 2012.

New member of the board

With our new board member, Adam Bartkowski, Operator steps into the challeging future with a man with extensive global knowledge and insight of the MES market.

Operator included in the MSI Polska report

Operator is once again included in a report about leading MES suppliers, this time in Poland.

Operator presents QA at FoodTech ‘12

Operator participates as exhibitor at the Danish FoodTech ‘12 fair that takes place in Herning, November 13-15, 2012.

MESA International and WBF, The Organization for Production Technology Announce Merger

Merger expands Operations Management Capabilities and delivers greater value for members and industry partners.

Expanding our Partner strategy

As a vital part of Operator System’s new growth strategy we will expand our partner channel of highly skilled partners capable of both defining customer needs and implementing accordingly.

Member of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce

Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC) is an association created by business people and entrepreneurs associated with Scandinavia.

Operator Roadmap 2012

Operator has released the product roadmap for 2012. The main focus areas will be Warehouse Mobility, dash boards, QA module and connectors for Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV.

Operator achieves Microsoft Silver ISV Partner status

Operator Systems has achieved the Silver ISV Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Network, demonstrating our ability to meet Microsoft customers' evolving needs.

iStone and Operator join forces

iStone, one of Sweden's fastest growing IT companies, initiates a strategic alliance with Operator Systems around the delivery of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) for medium and large manufacturing companies in Sweden.

The MES market is growing – what are the drivers?

Recent surveys in the MES market all points in the same direction – the MES market will be one of the new growth markets in the global software industry.

Operator Systems is now live on Facebook and LinkedIn

Follow Operator Systems on Facebook and LinkedIn and get updated online.

Nutreco Upgrade Operator

Nutreco Upgrade to new version.

Microsoft Poland and Operator Systems

Microsoft Poland will introduce the Operator MES solution to their certified Partner network.

New Capital from Danish Vækstfonden and Inter-Invest

Operator Systems has secured new capital to support our new growth strategy.

Natur Drogeriet implement Operator

Natur Drogeriet A/S - choose Operator to manage employee time and material consumption as well as Production management.

Operator Implemented in Russia

Operator MES OEE functionality implemented in 4 days.

Fine tuning at KTM with Operator

KTM Power Sports AG chooses Operator MES.