Enterprise data exchange platform

Operator Dynamic Integration Engine brings your different integration needs to a new level.

Many modern enterprises struggle with heavily spread IT environments. Nowadays IT landscape is a mixture of many isolated solutions, like ERP, APS, PLM, SCADA, WMS, some “best-of-breed” solutions, and other application’s. In many cases this solutions are not integrated at all, or integration is only partial. Operator Dynamic Integration engine is unique tool for seamless integration between all IT systems in your environment.

Enterprise data exchange platform

The Operator Dynamic Integrator is a standard tool which can be implemented separately, without the Operator MES system. It is used for definition and implementation of interfaces between systems by “drag and drop” mappings. The module includes the following functionalities:

  • Standard tools for definition and implementing interfaces to other systems by “drag and drop” mappings. Advanced data manipulation can be implemented
  • Ability to create communication: Database, Text, XML, API, Mail, Web services
  • Engine to execute the defined interfaces in the sequence and timing specified
  • Log files to monitor interface performance and status
  • Ability to buffer Operator transactions until receiving system is ready
  • Inboxes to monitor/debug received data from other systems
  • Outboxes to monitor/debug data send from Operator to other systems
  • Views of imported data like material master, stock levels, production orders, purchase orders, sales orders

For the most common ERP systems (e.g. SAP, M3, Dynamics AX / NAV) standard mappings or ERP connectors are developed and integration to these ERP systems are “plug-and-play”.
The standard mappings include:

  • Download of material master, production orders with operations and bill of material
  • Upload of transactions like quantity produced, quantity scrapped, manpower time used, machine time used, operation status.