Operator Bucket size planning methodology

The Operator Scheduling module offers a planning methodology that is designed to optimize the capacity of a resource or department with a number of equal resources – using the so-called Bucket size planning methodology.

The Bucket size-planning tool offers you the following parameters:

For the resources:

  • Capacity factor – max. Hours pr. resource pr. day
  • Max hours pr. day – sum of work hours for all resources.

For the Operations:

  • Max hours pr. day – maximum load pr. day per resource
  • Min hours pr. day – minimum load pr. day per resource

Operator Bucket size planning methodology

  • The Scheduling tool gives easy and direct access to detail data of viewed operation. It allows also editing or changing operation data, splitting operations and locking it in time.
  • The Resource workload Scheduling board allows dividing the operations on time or resources if maximum workload is exceeded.
  • Gantt chart provides overview of the effects of changes is made to an operation to estimate the consequences and base for revising the production plan.

Full integration

The Operator Scheduling module fully integrates with 3rd party software, such as: ERP, APS, SCADA or PLM systems. This gives unique opportunity for the planner to monitor the plan in real time and immediately react on unexpected events.
Most information in the Scheduling board is based on data imported from ERP (order routing, materials etc.) and reports from shop-floor. Any changes affected by the activities in the Scheduling board can be transferred to the ERP system.

The Operator Scheduling board aims to maximize the efficiency of the production process and reduce costs.
The Scheduling board is designed in cooperation with our client’s planners, it enables control of production and optimize the usage of critical resources.
This helps the planners to optimize production, identify bottlenecks, and anticipate future production needs.