Resource or material planning

The Scheduling board is a Gantt chart scheduling that split resource or material planning. It provides a view of the current schedule and status; it split the operations in time and/or resources, and it provides an overview of sequencing of operations and sequence planning.

The Scheduling board provides the production management with strong functionalities like:

  • Gantt chart to graphical view status of current schedule
  • View can be changed from day to week or month to support the actual or needed production cycles.
  • Drag and drop allows moving of one or more operations to a new time on same or different resource.
  • Related processes can be shown by one click.
  • Manual sequence optimization based on Co-sorting Key.
  • Schedule earliest start or pull up to due date
  • Direct access to job reporting and material shortage overview.
  • Workload and delayed orders monitoring. The load can be analyzed per department, work center or resource in time.

The Scheduling board

The Scheduling Board also gives you functionality like:

  • Split operation to even out load
  • Change operation data

The Scheduling Board Split operationsThe Scheduling Board change operation data