Manufacturing intelligence system

Visibility for improvements

Today most production companies is forced to look for all possible effectivity improvements to be able to stay competitive. This requires a system where you will be able to monitor both on line and historically how your production is performing. This include for instance that you both on the shop-floor and in administration can follow the actual KPI’s like OEE performance, which indicates the actual status as well as offer the possibility to look at historically data to see which products often fall outside limits, which machines that oftenest does not perform as expected and points to changes in setups or ingoing materials that causes most stops, scrap or reworks. All of this cost money and minimize effective-ness and profit.

The Operator Manufacturing Intelligence solution is designed to monitor aggregated data and drill down to necessary details for analysis and decision-making.

Manufacturing intelligence system

Operator MIS provides the opportunity to be able to analyze real-time production data to continuously improve and adjust where problems arise and identify in which patterns it happens. With all your important information in one place, Operator MIS provides you with a clear, accurate real-time overview. It presents your data in a visual and intuitive way, providing information much faster than traditional lists and tables and with the built-in analytical functions, all your data are dynamic. One simple mouse click and you can drill down into the details, group, and filter data as needed.

The Operator solution offer all the tools you need to monitor and take actions and gives you the data you need to make constantly improvements.