Smooth and seamlessly material flow

With Operator Warehouse Mobility you can secure just-in-time material flow in your factory

The Operator Warehouse Mobility module offers single point of material management for the shop-floor and warehouse workers. Information and goods exchange between these two organizations is smooth and automatic. This integration allows to implement best practice methodologies like Just-in-Time manufacturing, sequenced assembly and shipping to eliminate idle inventory, reduce waste and increase efficiency in your organization.

For Example: Production can automatically signals to warehouse – a graphical indicator on the warehouseman screen – material production needs with information what, where, how many and when.

Smooth and seamlessly material flow

The Warehouseman can move goods to the production manufacturing line location and report it as a simple stock move.

The materials are immediately available for operation issue. The Machine operator need to scan every product (pallet) he puts to machine. Actual consumption will be reported either in unit (i.e. pallet) or as quantity of consumption. Then system will count consumption on produced order base on BOM.

The Warehouseman worklist

When production is finished (end of order/shift/day) not used material needs to be back to stock. This requests also appears on Warehouseman to do list, so he immediately knows what to do. All registering is done using barcode scanners/RFID readers if possible/available.