Warehouse management

Get smooth and effective warehouse management in your enterprise

Operator MOM System it is not system just for production, it contains functionalities designed especially for Quality Assurance or Warehouse Management System. Operator Warehouse is designed to manage and execute all warehouse and inventory management activities in a simple and effective way. Successfully it is implemented as independent module and as an extension of the Operator MES system.

Warehouse management

With Operator Warehouse you can manage your entire warehousing operation. It contains number of functionalities which covers activates related to material, goods management within manufacturing company. Warehouses can be organized in different methodologies as FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, etc., which can be defined for whole warehouse, one place or just for some transaction (ex. material issue transaction).

Operator Warehouse contains Label Management functionality which is used to define and print labels. The module is very flexible and supports customer specific, internal or shipment labels.
Thanks to Device Input Handling functionality – to avoid mistakes and interpret the data correctly – all registering is done using barcode, RFID scanners, or scales if possible/available.

System can direct people and equipment, monitor and report all activities, from raw material receive to finished goods shipping. The system helps to delivery materials to the shop-floor just when they are needed and manage all finished goods movements as well, coordinating put away to a warehouse or shipping.