Operator MOM suite for enterprises

Use the Operator Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) suite to achieve production excellence

In the modern, ever-shifting world you can achieve success by focusing on the constant change and product improvement. Getting there requires quick and efficient control, manage and synchronizing of all activities of the production execution. You can achieve that with Operator MOM solution – an integrated Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system that collect, monitor and synchronizes different actions across company.

In many manufacturing sites, the IT landscape is a mixture of multiplied functionalities, gaps in functionality and many isolated add-on solutions as Excel sheets, machine own SCADA applications, paper systems and other “best-of-breed” solutions; all with the purpose of trying to connect the ERP level and shop-floor level systems without a layer in between.

The Operator MOM suite integrates and complements all production data in one combined IT solution. A MOM system adds a layer between the ERP system and the shop-floor level systems. This not only covers processes in the production area but also influences the whole supply chain, distribution, quality assurance and maintenance.

Operator MOM suite for enterprises

The Operator MOM suite consists of the following main functionalities:

  • Dynamic Integrator Engine – It is a standardized tool for definition and implementing of interfaces to other systems by “drag and drop” mappings. For the most common ERP systems (e.g. SAP, M3, Dynamics AX / NAV) standard mappings or ERP connectors are developed and integration to these ERP systems are “plug-and-play”.
  • Work Lists & Job reporting – This bunch of functionalities is an essential tool for shop-floor user for requests and data reporting. It delivers all information’s needed to realize production: work list with updated graphical indicators for operation status, delays, material status and tool status, BOM for an operation/order with information about materials to be used, quantities to be used and current available stock, notes on operation, order or machine level and manual sequence planning in the near horizon.
    Job reporting part is used to gather production data from the shop-floor. Report quantities – also bi-products, scrap and rework – operation status, material usage, manpower utilization etc. It also delivers all data necessary to update the ERP system to be able to do the next scheduling run on updated information. Thanks to its powerful reporting functionality, it gives a full view on production process execution and progress.
  • Scheduling – The purpose of scheduling is to minimize the production time and costs, by telling a production facility when to produce, with which staff, and on which equipment. Scheduling board from Operator is based on the standard Gantt tool and provides the production scheduler with powerful graphical interfaces which can be used to visually optimize real-time workloads in various stages of production, pattern recognition allows the software to automatically create scheduling opportunities which might not be apparent without this view into the data.
  • Machine Status – This functionality allows to on-line machine status monitoring (stopped, reduced speed, normal speed). It is a strong tool to identify the exact amount of production losses and reasons, calculates and presents most important KPI’s (like OEE) in real time. It provides online monitor of the machine work status. And not only machine status, but also production operation and schedule realization progress. At first glance we have full information about production process execution. It can be used to measure and document the improvements achieved by lean initiatives.

Operator Systems has been working in the MES area (Manufacturing Execution System) for more than 15 years. Today we have more than 100 installations, mainly in Scandinavia and throughout Europe, and more than 10,000 daily users draw on Operator as their main tool on the shop-floor.

  • Maintenance – This is Operator suite tool for maintenance team. The purpose is to have only one front end at the shop floor for both production people and maintenance crew. The module includes the following functionalities:
    • Show preventive maintenance orders including check lists, instructions etc. by use of factory/equipment browser
    • Reporting on maintenance orders, e.g. start/stop, manpower time, spare parts
    • Create new breakdown maintenance orders in connection to inspection activities
  • Quality Assurance Module – It is an integrated part of Operator MES and is designed for the purpose of smooth execution of QA tasks in manufacturing. Operator does not only make your data accessible, it makes it visible.

Operator QA removes unnecessary steps and creates a paperless production process which helps ensuring efficiency and quality in your daily production. Functionality is developed in close cooperation with customers and based on the Food-industry’s high quality requirements that are beneficial to most industries.

  • Time & Attendance – This functionality tightly links workforce tracking to plant activities, but not only production, but also warehouse, maintenance and quality in a total manufacturing environment. The system tracks employee activity specifically for plant operations or resource. Worked hours are automatically compared with accrued work order, product or operation. It also tracks employee clock-in and clock-out every day and based on defined meeting profiles calculate the basis for the salary system.

Operator Time & Attendance module provides a powerful view of your workforce and how it affects your critical plant operations, productivity and profits.

  • Operator Warehouse Mobility – It is used to manage and execute warehouse and inventory management tasks in a simple and effective way supporting the normal manufacturing workflow. The overall purpose is to have a smooth flow of goods though the warehouse and to support just-in-time material flow in the factory.
  • Dashboard & analytics – With Dashboard and Analytics our customers get an overview of how production is progressing, anytime and anywhere. It may be on PCs, iPads, iPhone or other mobile devices, where on-the-fly to explore what might be causing a problem, act immediately and solve the problem here and now.

Operator provides the opportunity to be able to analyze real-time production data to continuously improve and adjust where problems arise and identify in which patterns it happens, this would not be possible without a tool like this.

Dashboards and Analytics gives a platform perfectly suited to support Operator MES solutions and the objective of providing production companies greater visibility in all parts of the production process, ensuring reduced costs, increased productivity, and provide management overview on the fly.

With Operator MOM suite, all functionality needed on the shop-floor is covered with built-in support with an industry-specific focus on verticals like Furniture, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Paper, pulp and plastic and General Manufacturing.

Using Operator, you will be able to lean your entire manufacturing, meaning processes, machines and manpower, you will simply get more out of your existing manufacturing capacity – and be able to deliver additional functionalities not supported in your ERP solution.