Error free production execution

Avoid unnecessary movements, and errors – by implementing electronic ordering and tasks execution.

Operator Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) enforces business rules to error free processes and provides a complete electronic audit trail of all activities in your enterprise. Operator replaces paper execution processes with proactive execution that delivers cost reductions and supports continuous improvement and lean initiatives.

In most companies every flow of material in production is accompanied by a flow of information that, in most cases, is documented in hard copy. If you consider the total expenditure in paper – updating of manufacturing instructions, review & approval, printing, distribution, transport, archiving, disposal – significant costs are accumulated that quickly justify the introduction of paperless production.

Additionally, information on paper is dead capital. Placed electronically it is live and can be used to make improvements, e.g. traceability, to analyze weaknesses, continuous improvement, reports of process parameters across multiple batches, to measure KPIs etc.

Operator solution:

  • Creates paperless environment by giving operators instant access to operation lists with work instructions and CAD drawings, so they always have the documentation required to build products that meet customers’ demanding specifications.
  • Delivers information about events as they occur (in real-time) allows you more easily to identify and prevent potential problems or bottlenecks.
  • Eliminates reporting errors with:
    • Lot and serial number genealogy
    • Full machine integration – PLC/OPC/SPC and other devices like: portable data terminals and RFID, PDAs, cell phones, scales, conveyors, sorters, palletizers
    • Bar code and RFID data collection on every step of process realization
  • Gives real-time notification of events and exceptions so you are able to take actions to manage them immediately.
  • Provide managers and key individuals with a continuous improvement environment with full visibility of the execution process. Real-time insight for eliminating waste, improving, performance and optimizing operational efficiencies.
  • Enhanced communication between employees in the entire organisation (the office, quality, warehouse and the production floor).

When unexpected events occur, Operator helps managers and lead operators to take proactive steps by offering a broad set of alerts and alarms. Using alert/alarm notification mechanisms such as e-mail, SMS, reader boards or traffic lights, key individuals are notified about potential issues—before they become costly problems.

With the Operator MOM paperless solution, you can gain immediate benefits such as:

  • Reduction of manufacturing cycle time
  • Reduction of order lead time
  • Reduction of direct labour costs
  • Reduction of data entry time
  • Reduction or elimination of paperwork
  • Reduction of work in process (WIP) inventory
  • Increase in machine utilization

Using the Operator MOM execution solution, key personnel are given the decision-making data necessary to optimize performance in the organization. From any location, the system will allow managers to take immediate decisions on staffing, maximize labour efficiencies, control order fulfilment and monitor machine utilization.