Dispatching manager

Dispatch and control shop-floor activities in real-time

The Dispatching manager module in the Operator MES System brings work orders and operations management to a new level. It provides shop-floor users: manager, foreman and workers with actual information’s about production in progress. By monitoring manufacturing activity, work order progress and resource utilization, manufacturers can make quicker decisions and react on unexpected events or clients requirements change.

The Dispatching module provides a highly configurable work list screen, which is the main window for shop-floor users of Operator MES system. It gives an overview of work lists for any production station on the shop-floor and delivers all information’s need for job execution:

  • View of actual, previous and following operations for machines or machine groups with updated graphical indicators for operation status, operation delays, material and tool status.
  • View of BOM for an operation/order with information about materials to be used, quantities to be used and current available stock.
  • Access to documents (pictures, technical documentation, packing instructions, etc.) attached to the operation.
  • Notes on operation, order or machine level


The Operator Dispatching Manager can also be utilised to gather production data from the shop-floor. Thanks to its powerful reporting functionality, it gives a full view on production process execution and progress. There are many reporting possibilities:

  • Declaring operation status (start/stop of setup and production)
  • Reporting resource (manpower, resource, tool, machine) time usage

The Operator work in progress manager gives you answers for most important questions: where, how and when, from what and by who, your client order is realized on the shop-floor.

  • Declaration of quantities: produced, scrapped and reason codes for scrap, eventual bi-products and co-products
  • Reporting of material usage or scrap on incoming materials
  • Indirect manpower time (nonproductive time) reporting
  • Checks against employee clock-in and clock-out

Managers and foremen have access to a wide range of follow up reports base on the production updates and status. The system gives you the opportunity to monitor progress of the order status, resources and employee utilization or supplies status.

The Operator dispatching manager production per shift

The Operator WIP module allows you to make fast schedule adjustments that are delivered automatically to all relevant stations on the plant floor. The result: real-time operations management to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.