Operator SPC Module

Multiple vendors offer SPC tools to calculate and present statistical measurements. However, it will not alert a user – in real-time – that a potential problem has been detected and corrective action is required. With Operator MES, you can configure the SPC module so that when a SPC trend reaches a certain user-specified limit, the system will initiate an action to alert the user that corrective action may be required.

In addition, this action can be customized, to ensure the most effective response by the most appropriate individual – the initiated action can be an email or SMS to one or more recipients, a pop-up window alert, or the direct activation of a user-specified program.
Operator MES is calibrated to ensure that the user-specified action(s) will be triggered immediately to minimize any possible detrimental consequences for the production process. These real-time alerts and actions promote more streamlined and efficient production, and help to prevent production problems before they occur.

Operator SPC Screen


Track and Analyse Your Most Important Production Process Parameters

Operator Statistical Process Control (SPC) capabilities increase overall product quality by providing embedded, actionable SPC charts to the shop floor. Operators, foremen, process and quality engineers, and/or supervisors are immediately alerted when a manufacturing process trends out of the user-defined acceptable range. This capability allows the correct individuals to take immediate action to correct, or even prevent, problems before they become critical issues.

The Operator SPC module offers two types of charts: XR and IMR. Each chart has different, customisable settings, as well as eight pre-set rules designed to continually test whether SPC measurements are within acceptable limits.

Operator SPC rulesIn addition, the following user-defined parameters can be designed and set for each rule:

  • “Severity”: Indicates the severity of breaking this rule on a scale of 1 (low) to 9 (high). The severity level is displayed whenever a rule is broken.
  • “Alert type”: Controls what happens when a rule is broken:
    • “Blue point only”: When a rule is broken, the visual marker for the sample is shown in a different color.
    • “Pop-up message”: When a rule is broken, a pop-up message is displayed (in addition to the above actions).
    • “E-mail message”: When a rule is broken, an email message is sent to one or more people (in addition to the two above actions).
  • “Alert message”: Displays a user-defined alert message to be shown when a rule is broken (e.g. suggest that a specific action be taken).

Single Point of Access

The Operator MES and SPC suite provides a single point of access to all information relevant to the production process. Operator SPC is embedded within the standard Operator MES shop floor client application, and offers users access to real-time SPC charts, which will be displayed directly within users workstation consoles.

Operator SPC Mobile Screen

The SPC module gives an overview on the PC screen placed at each machine, on the visualization screens in the ceiling, and on tablets. If a specified process trend exceeds user-defined limits, alerts are clearly displayed and email messages can be sent to the people responsible for the processes, which then allows appropriate corrective actions to be taken immediately.

The Operator SPC module also makes it possible for the QA manager to dig deeper into the measured data and, broken rules.
Operator SPC also has the functionality to export data for additional analysis, if the user desires. These advanced analyses can be made with the utilisation of a dedicated statistical analysis tool, e.g. Minitab.

The Operator SPC module is fully integrated within the Operator MES solution. For a customer already using Operator MES, this seamless integration provides a number of benefits:

  • No additional application to deploy
  • No additional database to set up, monitor and maintain
  • No new interfaces to learn or implement
  • One login for both MES and SPC
  • Same multi-language operator interface as the MES solution
  • Same abilities and options for customizing screens and managing security levels according to roles as the MES solution
  • Same look & feel as the MES solution
  • MES and SPC are blended into one integrated application, so alerts from all modules are always visible
  • Existing OPC connections can be easily broadened to collect SPC measurements as well
  • The production order started on the work list is automatically the current order for SPC measurements.

All of the above integration functionalities make it possible to link SPC measurements to the product produced and to materials in the BOM. Therefore, SPC also makes it possible to follow up on both the product group and the material group levels.

Operator SPC is an essential component of any Six Sigma program, and is an indispensable tool for the Quality Assurance staff responsible for Lean Manufacturing and other continuous improvement initiatives. By applying statistical analyses to key production line metrics, Operator SPC makes it possible to monitor and reduce the variability of processes within your plant or enterprise, thereby leading to fewer equipment failures while simultaneously improving overall product quality and increased levels of customer satisfaction – resulting in higher profit!