Production process analysis

Improve production process efficiency with operational reporting

The Operator MES system delivers comprehensive real-time visibility and historical reports from the shop-floor. The solution delivers a wide range of pre-configured reports of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) designed especially for production. Operator Systems provides ready-to-use order and production based reporting, such as:

  • Plant overview board showing current status and potential issues on the shop-floor, e.g. Delayed operations, material shortages, tool problems, machine status or breakdowns.

Production process analysis

On the screen of the shop floor Operators it is possible to follow all relevant performance figures. In below example line 7 indicate a delay with 6 minutes (yellow) but color indicates that he can keep the overall plan.

Production process analysis tool

  • Employee overview showing which employees are currently on work and on which resource they are working
  • Foreman filters to approve production order registrations outside defined boundaries or employee registrations for salary input
  • Shift report including production volume, scrap rate, time usage etc.
  • Stop code report to analyze stop losses and reasons for stops
  • Reduced speed report to analyze efficiency losses and reasons for reduced speed
  • Scrap code report to analyze scrap rate and reasons for scrap.

Production process analysis pack

Production Analytics Pack is a part of Manufacturing Intelligence Solution provided by Operator Systems.
MIS provides reporting and analytics capabilities within the Operator Manufacturing Execution System platform, which manages production, quality, warehouse, maintenance and labor processes. Together, they provide visibility into, control over and synchronization across global manufacturing operations.