Quality Assurance module

Ensure that your client quality requirements is fulfilled.

Manufacturers across a wide range of industries face common challenges to meet continuously rising quality standards. The growing mix of complex products and new technologies requires a new approach to quality management.

Many enterprises are deploying either industry standard quality management methodologies such as Six Sigma and ISO 9000, or implementing other quality practices to reduce costs, shorten cycle times, and improve overall product and process quality.
Operator QA documents the quality of the products produced according to the requirements set by the customers, authorities and internal standards. The QA process is defined by a number of quality checks and mandatory approvals to ensure the quality process has been followed during the production process.

QA includes setup of test specifications and sample plans per product, in-production sample testing and reporting and sample collection for laboratory testing.

Operator Systems helps you to face these requirements by introducing Operator Quality Assurance (QA) which is a part of the Operator MES unified solution. It is designed for the purpose of smooth execution of QA tasks in manufacturing. Operator does not only make your data accessible, it makes it visible.

Operator QA removes unnecessary steps and creates a paperless quality management process which helps ensuring efficiency and quality in your daily production. Functionality is developed in close cooperation with customers and based on the Food-industry’s high quality requirements that are beneficial to most industries.

Smooth execution for QA costs reducing

The Operator quality assurance module integrates with existing ERP and PLM systems to a degree not easily possible with other solutions – providing consistent quality metrics across your enterprise. Have confidence your quality program will be adhered to consistently across your enterprise to drive overall quality improvements to your Work-in-Process and finished goods as well as your manufacturing processes.

Operator QA replaces a complicated and paper dependent QA process into a paperless and integrated process, that help ensuring both efficiency and quality in your daily production. Operator QA covers the three areas in the quality assurance process: