Quality execution

QA from Operator covers external quality (product quality or quantity and subcontractors delivery quality) and internal quality (production lines, employee and team effectiveness).
Operator QA supports the entire workflow from delivery of incoming materials to delivered finish goods by an intuitive workflow process. This workflow process defines what to be done at each material or production process (samples aside for control, check for certificate etc.) and how and by whom the individual step in the workflow process is approved.

Alerts can be defined for the entire workflow process or for individual steps in the process e.g. to ensure that the whole production doesn’t stop due to lack of approval. The QA can then define a set of engagement rules on how to proceed, who’s next in the approval order etc.

Quality execution

QA reporting

QA reporting history

The workflow is defined to roll requirements backwards from authorities, end customers or end products through the production process all the way to subcontractors or suppliers of raw materials to ensure that the entire production process and quality deliver the promised product quality.