Quality intelligence

Operator Quality intelligence provide you with a single view of the quality data. You can prioritize efforts to continuously enhance the quality of the products, processes and overall operations. Quality intelligence help you to identify, investigate and address key quality issues, such as excessive scrap levels, poor supplier performance, product non-conformance or manufacturing process variability.

It is a complete end-to-end analytics solution, with wide range of reports that can be used to solve most pressing quality challenges. All reports can be executed either by production, QA, Laboratory or others.

Quality intelligence

Reporting for the QA process optimizing

Operator QA includes a number of reporting and statistic possibilities e.g. reports on each workflow milestone, how much is spent on each QA check, number of QA check versus allocated resources, OEE numbers on QA etc. This can be used to optimize the QA process and workflow, make top 10 lists of QA checks, Pareto reports etc.
Operator QA is supplied with pre-defined follow up reports, e.g.:

  • Complete view/print of product specifications
  • “Where used” to find and update specifications based on changes in templates on different detail level
  • Sample/control history to see all samples and controls performed on a specific product, hereunder to check if all controls are completed (including initiated work flows)
  • Work flow status report including alarms sent by email and/or SMS
  • Analysis of measurements across products, machines etc.