BlogNewsABP Food Group continues to standardise on Operator Dynamic Integrator

ABP Food Group continues to standardise on Operator Dynamic Integrator

ABP Food Group has for 10+ years has used the Operator Dynamic Integrator in their ABP UK division.

The Operator Integration Engine has been used to integrate customer order data into the production systems and production data back up to the central ERP layer from 7 factories, recently extended to 16 factories. As part of a new ERP roll out strategy and a fast growing business it has been decided that the Operator Integration platform will be used as standard to integrate to the increased number of factories across multiple divisions.

“The Dynamic Integrator platform is a vital part of the ABP Foods application stack and it has already proven that it is a reliable and scalable platform that can support a business 24/7, explained CIO Robin Irvine. For ABP it is important that we standardise on platforms where we can gain effectiveness both in terms of time, cost and quality. The Operator Dynamic Integrator platform it is very user friendly application where our internal IT teams can support existing and create new configurations themselves”.

To get more information about the Operator Dynamic Integration Engine please read the article: Enterprise data exchange platform

To find out more about the ABP Food Group please follow this link

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