Operator Systems | Nutreco Upgrade Operator
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Nutreco Upgrade Operator

Nutreco uses Operator Data Transfer Engine to connect their ERP System with the various shop floor systems at 15 sites. Recently they have upgraded to M3 and in this project benefited from the versatile integration engine in Operator DTE 4.3.

  • The following technologies are used at Nutreco in Operator DTE 4.3:
  • ODBC (SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MySQL)
  • M3 API’s
  • Text files
  • XML Files (including XSLT transformation and XSD Validation)
  • B2MML

Easy to use tool – The flows and mappings between the systems has mainly been implemented by Nutreco Personnel after a short education session. Operator consultants have only been used for sparring in complex flow discussions and during the Go Live.