Operator Systems | Operator Road Map 2012
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Operator Road Map 2012

Operator has released the product road map for 2012. The main focus areas will be Warehouse Mobility, dash boards, QA module and connectors for Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV.

New Warehouse Mobility functionality

The Warehouse Mobility module has been updated with new functionality to support the overall purpose to have a smooth flow of goods through the warehouse and just-in-time material flow in the factory.

Warehouse Mobility is used to manage and execute warehouse tasks in a simple and effective way supporting the normal manufacturing workflow.  Each Operator Warehouse Mobility unit is configurable to suit the specific tasks.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX Connector

Operator has already a wide range of predefined standard connectors to the leading ERP systems. As a part of our Microsoft Silver ISV partner status, we now standardize our connectors for Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV.

New dash Boards and standard reports

In 2012 we extend our Operator solutions with Business Intelligence tools in the form of dash boards and more standard reports.

Production demands more business intelligence knowledge to support the management decisions not only on the shop floor but also as a part of the overall management of the company. To support this, Operator will develop dash boards targeting the strategic MES reporting and supported by an additional number of new standard reports.

New QA functionality

Operator will update the QA module in cooperation with three customers within the Food-industry. The collaboration is partly based on the customers interest from this particular segment and partly because the Food-industry has a high set of quality requirements that is beneficial to a lot of other industries on the QA area.

Preconfigured templates

Based on a variety of customer configurations and feedback Operator expands our collection of predefined templates both industry based and general templates which supports fast implementation of standard installations.