Operator MES & OEE | Control production through more accurate monitoring
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Control production through more accurate monitoring

Most production companies uses MES class systems as a production resources monitoring tool. Most of these solutions deliver a resource overview on a production line or some bottle neck machine level. The Operator Systems clients want to go to the next or – more accurately speaking – lower level.


To fulfill this requirement our development team has prepared: Machine position, an addition to Operator Machine Status module: The solution which moves data monitoring to the level of a single machine or even one of its components.

With this addition a resource type is also introduced, which gives the opportunity to combine all similar machines to the same resource type.

These additions make it possible to report and follow-up on the following levels:

  1. Plant
  2. Department
  3. Resource type, to benchmark similar machines across departments (and plants if a central data warehouse is established)
  4. Resource
  5. Machine position, to check which machine positions cause the most stop/scrap
  6. Reason code, to check which reasons cause the most stop/scrap


In most cases, this is done in such a way that the machine operator when assigning reason codes for machine stops and scrap first need to choose the machine position (e.g. in-feeder, mixer or drilling station no. 1, etc.) and then the reason code can be chosen. It is also possible to choose from some general machine level reason code, like for example “no power” or “no order”.

Thanks to this addition, reason code assignment should make the selection process more intuitive and limit the number of choices, which makes the work easier and reduces the amount of mistakes. It also reduces the issue where some machines’ specific information needs to be included into the reason codes. This helps you to perform more effectively, save time and money and deliver according to plan.


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