Operator MES & OEE | Print Operator Systems now offer a ROI calculator for OEE
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Print Operator Systems now offer a ROI calculator for OEE

The ROI calculator for OEE offer different kind of simulations, like “what is our current OEE” based on few inputs. The output is also presented in financial terms. Based on this you can simulate the impact of changing the OEE figure or part of the OEE equation. As an example you can simulate the impact of reducing scrap by 1% or limit the downtime with 2%, and see how it will impact your OEE.


Some example of output:

  • Annual savings if the same quantities are produced but quicker
  • Annual savings by additional quality improvements
  • Annual savings after OEE related maintenance costs
  • Total savings in the required payback period

The idea is that the tool will be used both before and after an OEE investment.

We will offer this tool both in presales cases and as part of a OEE project.

If you are interested in learning more about your OEE please call us, and we will offer a free calculation!


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