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Operator Production Optimizer

How do you monitor your production performance today? Are you juggling tons of spreadsheets?

At Operator Systems we focus on how we can help manufacturing companies being more productive and effective. We know that it is crucial for you to have an overview of how your production is performing, not only ”on – line” but also give you the possibility to analyse production data in different dimensions like from last shift, from last months, across facilities, across product lines etc.

Maybe you already have some solution implemented – but can you answer these questions:
• do you know how efficient your production lines are?
• do you know what causes them to stop?

To be able to optimize your production and to secure that you deliver the best quality to the lowest cost you must be able to to answer these questions.
Operator Systems has a proven track record from more than 130 worldwide implementations with some of the largest manufacturing companies like Continental, IKEA Industries (+30 production sites), Amcor and OSTP. We have experience with integrations to all the major ERP solutions like SAP, MBS Axapta & NAV, Infor M3 etc.
If you are not convinced, we can start up a pilot installation so you can see how easily you can get results. We can also deliver you a free OEE ROI analysis, which can be used to support your investment approval.

Do you have an overview of the performance of your entire production? If not Operator Performance Optimizer tells you all that!


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