Operator MES & OEE | Updated Operator SPC Module Provides Improved Values Analysis
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Updated Operator SPC Module Provides Improved Values Analysis

We would like to introduce a new and improved Operator Statistical Process Control (SPC) module.

Through monitoring and controlling the process values, the SPC module ensures that your production continually operates at its full potential. Operator SPC allows for optimization of production with a minimum of waste, rework or scrap.

Statistical process control (SPC) is a method of quality control which uses applied statistical methods to monitor and control processes. The Operator SPC module can be used to continuously monitor process values against target values and warning/error limits. SPC provides real-time analysis to establish controllable process baselines; to learn, set, and dynamically improve process capabilities; and to focus business operations on areas needing improvement.

Operator SPC can be applied to any process in which the product output (specifications) can be measured. SPC adds value by allowing for the examination of specific parts of a process. In particular, it analyzes the parts of processes that may conceal sources of variation in product quality.

Operator SPC allows businesses to move beyond opinion-based and best-guess decision making, and towards decisions based on facts and updated real-time statistical data.

More about the upgrading tool for the Operator SPC system: click here.


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