Operator MES & OEE | Just Released: Operator MOM Suite – Version 5.0
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Just Released: Operator MOM Suite – Version 5.0

At Operator Systems, we know that it is crucial for you to know how your production operations are performing.

Our clients need to be able to view not only an online performance snapshot, but to also have the ability to analyze their production data from different dimensions such as specific shifts, months, across facilities or product lines et al. That is why our team is focused on continually developing new and innovative methods for production analysis in order to help manufacturing companies be more productive and effective.

Our MES and OEE system is implemented by more than 130 clients worldwide, including some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world such as Continental, IKEA Industries (30+ production sites), Amcor and Walki. Thanks to our close cooperation with our customers, Operator Systems is able to make continuous improvements to our MES and OEE system to help you optimize your production and ensure that you deliver the best quality at the lowest cost.

The most recent result of our ongoing work is a new version of the Operator suite – version 5.0. This version includes a slightly redesigned user interface and a brand new SPC (Statistical Process Control) module. However, the largest and most significant changes to the suite are not visible to users – the most important innovations we made are in the core functionality of the system. These functionality changes improve the performance and efficiency of plant monitoring capabilities, and allow access to new, customized amassing modules. One of these new modules is the Operator Statistical Process Control module – you can find its description by clicking here: Operator SPC module.

With version 5.0, our clients will be able to utilize new upgrading tools as well as much stronger and more efficient customization utilities.


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