Operator Systems | Tarczyński optimize machine utilization with Operator Performance Optimizer – OEE
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Tarczyński optimize machine utilization with Operator Performance Optimizer – OEE

Operator Systems is proud to announce that Tarczyński, a prominent Food manufacturing company, has decided to invest in a new Operator OEE platform to strengthen its effectiveness and to increase its market competitiveness.

Tarczyński has been operating for more than twenty-five years as a solid and reliable manufacturer of cold meats. The traditional cold meats manufactured by Tarczyński are considered by many to be the best on the market. Tarczyński owns three production plants in Poland, in Ujeździec Mały, Sława and Bielsko-Biała. The main plant, in Ujeździec, is one of the most modern factories producing meat products in Europe. The company manufactures and sells products under two brand names: TARCZYŃSKI and DOBROSŁAWA.

Over the years, through its market activity, the company has gained numerous loyal customers for its products, the most popular of which are Kabanos Extra, “Meats from a Cauldron”, and “Oak Tradition” (TARCZYŃSKI brand), and products of the “Geesowska” series (DOBROSŁAWA brand).

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