Operator MES & OEE | Operator Maintenance mobile solution
Introduction and description of the Operator Maintenance mobile solution
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Just released: Operator Maintenance mobile solution

At Operator Systems, we are aware of the strong demand for mobile plant monitoring capabilities. We have already introduced our Operator OEE app.

Following that trend, our team developed the new Operator Maintenance mobile application. The Maintenance App is aimed for the technical staff responsible for repairs and maintenance on the shop floor. Using the app service engineers will be informed about maintenance tasks initiated by the shop-floor staff.

Functionalities of maintenance mobile solution:

• Workflow solution allowing line operators to request immediate assistance by clicking a button. It is not required to call or email the technical crew. The Maintenance staff will immediately receive a notification on their mobile device and can start the repair workflow.
Operators, Planners and managers can monitor the progress of all the repair or maintenance tasks.
• The system will log who of the technical staff takes responsibility and how much time they use to resolve issues. Furthermore, the application will offer detailed statistical data for reporting.
• The Mobile Maintenance APP contains a list of tasks (workflows) initiated from the machine operator or service orders.

From this list, engineers can report the progress of task progress and execution and inform shop floor user, Planners and managers when the order is expected to be finished and when it is finished. The Operator Maintenance app is fully integrated with the Operator workflow and maintenance module.


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