Operator MES & OEE | Operator Systems – Industry 4.0
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Operator Systems – Industry 4.0

Operator Systems has for more than 15 years developed and implemented MES and OEE software solutions for manufacturing companies worldwide.

Operator Systems A/S has offices in Herlev and Krakow, Poland. Our focus is to ensure that technology is used to create overview, optimize and streamline the production by focusing on machinery, production staff, processes and integration.

Operator Systems A/S currently has more than 130 installations of the Operator solution and customers counts some of the world’s largest in their industry. Examples include IKEA Industries, Continental, C & D Foods, Lantmännen Schulstad and OSTP.

Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data are new areas that we work with and which help to ensure that our solution live up to the constant changes and new opportunities we and our customers faces.Today we can offer a standard solution where we online collect data from production, including machines, robots, temperature and humidity meters, energy and many other relevant signals. These collected data are used to ensure that production can be optimized on both short and long term. Data can furthermore enable us to predict production stops or quality defects before they occur!

By utilizing Big Data and Machine Learning systems to analyze all the collected data from production, we can start predicting outcomes. An example of such an analysis might be that the quality of glued items begins to fail and an analysis shows that due to temperature and humidity data development in a certain way, caused the quality problem. In this way, you will be able to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

One of the Operator solution’s primary focus areas is to optimize the OEE number of production by, for example, showing which stop reasons, machines or products to put focus on. The operator solution can furthermore ensure that downtime on the line is minimized by implementing an Operator Maintenance APP on all the technician’s mobile devices. The technician automatically receives notification when a line fails, including the relevant data related to the stop, after which he immediately can prioritize and start the error fixing.

Cloud technology further means that we can reduce investment in both time and price.


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