Operator MES & OEE | ARDO success story
Operator success story at ARDO
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Operator success story at ARDO

Manufacturing companies of all sizes are looking for ways to produce more with the same or less time and resources.

Ardo decided to implement the Operator MES & OEE solution to fulfill this requirement.
See how they have utilized the Operator solution.

Operator success story at ARDO

Ardo produce frozen vegetables that are grown with the maximum respect for nature and the environment. Ardo harvest approximately 12-15.000 tons of green peas and they pack about 25 million bags of frozen vegetable yearly and continuously developing and strive to produce more with better quality and efficiency.

The Operator solution is flexible and covers all ARDO needs for MES & OEE

Including: agro management, weighbridge, quality, and all processes in warehouse management.

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