Operator MES & OEE | New version | Machine monitoring | LEAN
Operator OEE machine monitoring module let You continuously improve process & meets the latest trends: Industry 4.0, Cloud, Mobile and is Web based.
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Operator OEE & MES – Machine Monitoring updated version – stay tuned!

Operator OEE machine monitoring module helps factories to improve continuously.

At Operator Systems, we focus on how we can help manufacturing companies be more productive and effective using their current resources. We are furthermore aware of the strong demand for mobile and cloud plant monitoring capabilities.

Therefore, we are intensively developing our solution and we are working on a completely updated version of the Operator Solution suite. This version will meet the latest trends in production management software: Industry 4.0, Cloud based, Mobile access, and a completely new Web interface.

Operator OEE Cockpit - machine status

We know that it is crucial for you to know how your production operations are performing – so the 1st part of the new solution we are releasing is the Operator OEE Cockpit – the most important machine monitoring module screen. We already have the first Pilot customers up running on the latest version.

The OEE Cockpit delivers a very comprehensive OEE monitoring module, which allows you to monitor the status of your production resources – on-line. This strong tool helps you to identify the exact amount of production losses and reasons and calculate and present most important KPI’s (like OEE) in real time.

Operator OEE Cockpit - Shift report

The solution has been designed for the Shop-floor users to get easy access to needed information and to update the system with needed input.

The OEE solution handles from one-to-many machines as well as line combinations. The module gives you an OEE overview pr. line, pr. machine or part of the Machine as well as the possibility to register STOP codes related to the Machine or to the part of the line causing the STOP.

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