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Cza-Net is providing Production Management and OEE with Operator

New partner alliance

As part of our strategy being able to offer a strong combination of our standard MES and OEE solution combined with implementation partners,

we are happy to announce a partner alliance with CZA-NET.

Cza-Net is providing Production Management and OEE with Operator

CZA-NET IT company was founded in 2005. The main area of their activity was implementation of HR and payroll as well as financial and accounting systems throughout Poland. Many years of work in this area has allowed them to gather valuable experience. The following years of the company’s activity they have focused working with new technologies, implementation  and learning and training in new systems that have a huge impact and importance on the daily functioning of the company.

The continuous development of the company allowed for cooperation with several large corporations what has been a huge success and differentiator them on the local market.

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