Operator Systems | Smooth Collaboration Between Planning & Production | ERP & Production Integration
Operator Dynamic Integration tool delivers seamless integration between Production and 3rd party planning software, such as: ERP or APS systems.
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Operator Integration

Smooth collaboration between planning and production

For many businesses a disconnect exists in manufacturing, between planning and executing jobs. Many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are able to manage some part of the production process, but are not designed for production execution. To close the gap between production planning and the execution layer, Operator System provides the Operator Dynamic Integration tool. The main benefit this tool delivers seamless integration between Production and 3rd party planning software, such as: ERP or APS systems.

The answer to your integration needs

Operator Systems - Integration

The Operator Dynamic Integrator is a tool that can be implemented separately.

Key benefits

  • Standard tools for definition of interfaces:
    + “Drag-and-drop” mappings
    + Advanced data manipulation
    + Sources: Database, Text, XML, API, Web interface
    + Targets: Database, Text, XML, API, Mail, Web interface
  • Engine to execute interfaces in specified sequence and timing
  • Log files to monitor interface performance and status
  • Ability to buffer transactions until receiving system is ready
  • Inboxes to monitor/debug received data
  • Outboxes to monitor/debug sent data
  • View of imported data, e.g. material master, production orders


For the most common ERP systems (e.g. SAP, M3, Dynamics AX/NAV) standard mappings or ERP connectors are developed so integration to these ERP systems is “plug-and-play”. Operator Integrator is usually used for definition and implementation of interfaces between systems by “drag and drop” mappings.

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