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Operator offers you an IT based Lean process which will continuously improve your Manufacturing excellence. Implement and evaluate continuous improvement.
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What can you get?

LEAN by Accelerating Your Continuous Improvement Process

Operator helps you to LEAN production giving you the opportunity to quickly implement and evaluate continuous improvement activities. It helps you monitor your production processes, alerts you if something unplanned is happening, and allows you to ascertain the effectiveness of your changes i.e. LEAN initiatives. Providing further assistance to your decision-making process, Operator also allows you to monitor aggregated data and drill down to the details necessary for deeper analysis.

Learn more how to Continuous Improvement

The Operator solution offers you an IT based LEAN process which will continuously improve your Manufacturing excellence. Our production dispatching module ensures smooth and quick implementation of the production plan, execution of both manufacturing tasks as well as those related to LEAN process.

With Operator, you can follow live KPIs, such as OEE performance. It displays real-time status as well as historical data so you can see which products or resources often fall outside the acceptable norms.

System includes a “what if” functionality, which makes it easy to see how continuous improvement process adjustments could improve final production results.

Make the most of your people

Operator empowers your team by directly involving all employees in production, optimization, continuous improvement, or LEAN process. Operator lets you zoom in on employees’ individual performance levels, so you can better utilize their abilities.

Operator allows you to ensure that every single person within the organization – from shop floor to mid- and senior-level management – is engaged in continuous improvement initiatives and can contribute their individual expertise to growing production and profits through the announce, implementation and involvement in LEAN initiatives.

LEAN and error free production

At Operator Systems, we know that it’s crucial for you to be able to see an overview of how your production processes are performing – not only in a real-time snapshot, but also by viewing production processes over time. Operator gives you easy access to the real-time data and allows you to analyze your production data from different perspectives, such as specific shifts or months, or across facilities or product lines.


Thanks to our mobile application, the people responsible for maintenance, the LEAN team or simply the production manager will be automatically informed about any undesirable situation taking place in the production hall.

At a glance, you get an informed view of your production processes and effectiveness, along with opportunities to improve your production capacities. Operator can also be used to measure and document the improvements achieved by LEAN initiatives.

You can’t continuously improve or LEAN anything if you can’t measure or even observe it.

Achieve production excellence with continuous improvement

The Operator solution helps you to monitor your production processes, alerts you if something unplanned is happening, and allows you to ascertain the effectiveness of your changes and provides further assistance to your decision-making process. Thanks to this, you gain a strong tool supporting the continuous improvement process and LEAN your production.

Products quality on a world-class level

Maintaining high quality and consistency with leaning production costs at the same time has never been as critical to the success of production as it has today.

Six sigma with Operator QA

Operator helps you with continuous improvement process introducing the Operator QA module – an integrated Operator system that collects, monitors, and synchronizes different quality assurance and LEAN actions across the business. The team at Operator Systems worked together with three food-manufacturing companies for over three years to develop and commission a standard system that now meets all the QA demands across a variety of sectors.


The Operator QA removes unnecessary steps and creates a paperless quality management process, which helps ensure efficiency and quality in your daily production. Functionality designed for the smooth execution of QA & LEAN tasks, while not only making your data accessible, but by making it visible.

Operator helps you to do your job, not become the job.

Receive a notification if something goes wrong

Be notified about valuable information from the increasing amount of data! Operator System is designed to be simple and highly customized. It automatically monitors your production resources and delivers all relevant information about production, quality or continuous improvement (LEAN) process.

The Operator can ensure that your production team is informed immediately when something unplanned happens. The value for you is that you can perform more effectively, save time and money, and deliver according to the plan. And increase efficiency with consistent continuous improvement (LEAN) process.

If anything, goes as unexpected it’s crucial that the right corrective actions are performed immediately. The Operator solution offers the capability to integrate various kinds of monitoring systems and databases. You can configure Operator to ensure that the system takes different actions when an error occurs. In such a situation, proper workflow will be performed immediately which ensures that corrective action will be started ASAP to minimize the process stop.


It is possible to create and implement many different workflows, those can be related to the response to a failure, technical inspection, too high a production parameter (i.e. temperature) or the implementation of the continuous improvement – LEAN process. The action can be triggered on almost any action conducted by the system, and each workflow will be executed individually, in accordance with the definition.

Avoid unpleasant surprises?

Continues proces monitoring – Traceability, especially in production, is critical to protecting consumers and your brand. For regulated plants, tracking, tracing, and digitally recording of the genealogy of raw materials, Work-in-Process (WIP), and go-to-market products are essential for regulatory compliance. You can leverage Operator to detect and report on your products in real-time, with actionable data, demonstrating to stakeholders, partners, regulators, and customers that your products are produced in compliance.


Additionally, since the Operator MES & OEE system is comprehensive, you can use it to simultaneously improve sustainability of your products and production process by launching continuous improvement & LEAN initiatives.

LEAN your production, and manage continuous improvement process with Operator Systems suites.


Optimizing production with our solutions and services is above all an investment that pays off extremely quickly. As complexity increases, production processes become more and more difficult to control. The Operator System allows you to efficiently implement and monitor LEAN activities, so that advanced and growing processes are not a challenge. Our system allows your team to focus on solving business problems instead of production problems.


A huge advantage of our production optimization solutions is full scalability. It does not matter the size of production, optimization and monitoring is always performed with the same efficiency. That is why by investing in Operator you are sure that it will be fully functional at each stage of the company’s development. It is especially important when the company grows dynamically and other systems are not able to keep up with the increasing amount of data.


A particularly important function of the Operator system are monitoring and notification systems. Our solution is constantly on the lookout for potential problems in processes, allowing you to react early and avoid long downtimes. In the event of any problem, the Operator instantly notifies the production team and provides all necessary data on the faults. Efficient flow of information between the system and the personnel is the key to maintain high efficiency and continuous improvement of production.


Continuous improvement is an ongoing process. The operator relies heavily on key performance indicators – KPIs. We have spent a great deal of time customizing our system to maximize the effective support and use of KPIs. It allows us to effectively and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of individual LEAN initiatives, which is why it is so widely used.


LEAN is a strategy based on delivering products in the simplest possible way. This is something that has accompanied us from the beginning of our work on the Operator. We are aware of the challenges that manufacturing companies face today, and we are happy to help meet them in optimizing and continuously improving production. Keeping things simple is key to reducing problems. The more complex the process, the more susceptible it is to downtime and defects.

More about LEAN

LEAN Manufacturing is a manufacturing philosophy that focuses on eliminating defects and waste in the production process.

LEAN aims to move materials, information and capital through the production system quickly and efficiently. The LEAN Manufacturing system was originally developed by Toyota, which began in 1941. Over the years, these methods have been adopted by many companies around the world to provide better productivity and efficiency by minimizing waste and focusing on improvement.

More about Production Optimization

Manufacturing optimization is a process that can help you gain insight into how efficiently resources are being used.

Optimization can be used to create a manufacturing process that is more efficient, productive, and profitable. In other words, it is an important step in creating a manufacturing system. It requires synchronization of people, information, and equipment. Production optimization can be achieved through a variety of activities such as time studies, process analysis, simulation modeling, and so on.

Production optimization ensures that resources are used in the most efficient manner. It can include activities such as time studies and process analysis to find out how best to optimize a given situation.

More about Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is a process that aims to improve the performance of a production line or production equipment. It is usually undertaken to achieve reduced costs, improved quality, reduced waste and reduced lead times.

Among other things, the goal of Continuous Improvement is to improve the performance of a company’s production facilities by reducing costs, improving quality, reducing waste, and achieving faster lead times. This process can be accomplished through a number of techniques, such as Kaizen events, which are designed to improve a specific aspect of the production line.

Other techniques include Total Quality Management, which aims to achieve long-term performance by improving all aspects of a company’s manufacturing processes, and Six Sigma, which is also used in many organizations for continuous manufacturing improvement.

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