Operator Systems | With Operator you can monitor production performance more effectively? | Support Continuous Improvement Process
Operator helps manufacturing companies become more productive and more efficient, optimizes any production processes and ensure that the best quality is delivered at the lowest cost.
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What is Operator?

What is Operator?

Operator provides IT solution created to give you visibility for Improvements of your production process. Operator gives you a full overview of your manufacturing process – it monitors processes, calculates KPIs and notifies you when things go wrong and furthermore it gives you an easy tool to make a “root cause” analysis or establish a continuous improvement process.


The benefits of this easy-to-use tool are simple: Operator improves the effectiveness and competitiveness of your business.

How can you monitor your production performance more effectively?

At Operator Systems, we know that it is crucial for you to be able to see an overview of how your production processes are performing – not only in a real-time snapshot, but also by viewing production processes over time. Operator gives you easy access to real-time data, and allows you to analyze your production data from different perspectives, such as specific shifts or months, or across facilities or product lines, etc.


Operator supports Continuous Improvement by measuring  and documenting the improvements achieved by Lean initiatives. At a glance, you get an informed view of your production processes and effectiveness, along with opportunities to improve your production capacities.

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