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Operator helps manufacturing companies become more productive and more efficient, optimizes any production processes and ensure that the best quality is delivered at the lowest cost.
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What is Operator MES / OEE?

What is Operator MES / OEE?

Operator provides IT solution created to give you visibility for Improvements of your production process. Operator gives you a full overview of your manufacturing process – it monitors processes, calculates KPIs and notifies you when things go wrong and furthermore it gives you an easy tool to make a “root cause” analysis or establish a continuous improvement process.


The benefits of this easy-to-use tool are simple: Operator improves the effectiveness and competitiveness of your business.

Machine monitoring, Production optimization, OPC, OPC UA, LEAN, Continuous Improvement, ERP Integration, Integration platform, MES, MOM, Machine integration, Maintenance, Scheduling, SPC, Machine Status, Warehouse Management, KPI, Dashboards & Analytics, Performance Optimization, OEE, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Effectiveness improvement, Effectiveness, Production monitoring

How can you monitor your production performance (OEE) more effectively?

At Operator Systems, we know that it is crucial for you to be able to see an overview of how your production processes are performing – not only in a real-time snapshot, but also by viewing production processes over time. Operator gives you easy access to real-time data, and allows you to analyze your production data from different perspectives, such as specific shifts or months, or across facilities or product lines, etc.


Operator supports Continuous Improvement by measuring  and documenting the improvements achieved by Lean initiatives. At a glance, you get an informed view of your production processes and effectiveness, along with opportunities to improve your production capacities.

Operator MES / OEE software helps to increase efficiency
by showing points for improvement.

Operator Systems is a technologically innovative provider of modern and optimal ERP integration solutions for manufacturing companies. The solution of Operator Systems is mainly based on providing software for optimization of production processes including such aspects as quality of the process and product control on production lines. This system, based on direct process organization, guarantees improvement of particular production stages. The technology enables full monitoring of the whole picture of technological stages in the industry. The application is equipped with advanced tools that make it possible to calculate KPIs. It has notification functions in case of production, process and quality problems. Operator Systems provides a tool fully integrated with other modules to analyze a specific cause, failure along with improvement of production process.

The advantage of using the system is primarily to improve the efficiency of technological, manufacturing and quality processes in small, medium and large companies.
The ERP integration tools for manufacturing industry include system modules such as:

-MES (Manufacturing Execution System) – it is a program for processing manufacturing resources. Solutions of this type are integrated with automation modules. They are used for analyzing and monitoring individual technological processes in a given production sector. The data collected as a result of process execution are used to analyze the information in real time. In this way, it is possible to react to any undesirable situations.

-MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) – is a solution that guarantees a comprehensive view of the entire production process. The advantage of this solution is that by using this tool we are able to continuously improve the efficiency of industrial operations. MOM software cooperating with MES processes is able to collect and analyze all activities and on the basis of these experiences improve the quality management of production cycles, as well as focus on aspects related to the correct execution of production etc.


What are the benefits of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)?

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are all about taking the burden off of the human workforce. They are especially beneficial in environments where human error is high.

The benefits of an MES are increased efficiency, increased production, decreased errors, worker safety, and reduced costs.

What are the functions of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)?

An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a production control system that is used to measure and control manufacturing.

In manufacturing, an MES is a production control system that is used to measure and control the manufacturing processes. It helps in higher productivity, better quality control, more efficient scheduling, and improved customer service.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) improve the performance of a business by providing data about the production process and also by aiding in more efficient scheduling of orders.

What problems does a Manufacturing Execution System solve?

Manufacturing Execution Systems are important for manufacturers because they can maintain their competitiveness in the market. They can also have better inventory control, improve their production capabilities, and optimize their resources.

What is the goal of a Manufacturing Execution System?

Manufacturing execution systems, or MES, are a new technological advancement in the production of goods. These systems offer assistance in the manufacturing process to execute effectively and efficiently.

The following are some benefits of a Manufacturing Execution Systems:

– Reduced labor costs

– Improved quality control

– Reduction in time spent on creating work orders and creating errors in these work orders

What is Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)?

Manufacturing Operations Management – MOM, is the systematic, efficient, and effective management of resources for the manufacture of products.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) involves all three key areas: production planning and control; materials management; and inventory management. These three areas are usually managed by separate departments in most manufacturing firms.

What are the different components of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)?

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is a set of practices and strategies that help companies to better manage their manufacturing processes.

The main components of manufacturing operations management are:

  • – artificial intelligence integration,
  • – capacity planning,
  • – material requirements planning,
  • – just in time production,
  • – workforce optimization,
  • – supply chain management.

What are the steps of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)?

To understand the steps of manufacturing operations management (MOM), we need to look at its components. Manufacturing operations management deals with the production and distribution of goods and services. It is a complex process that includes many different steps.

The first step of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is forecasting demand for the goods or services that are being manufactured. The next step is to plan how much raw material and finished products should be made in order to meet this demand. Next, there is a need to make sure that what has been planned actually happens by assigning responsibilities and deadlines. Manufacturing operations managers will also deal with coordination within their own company as well as coordination with other companies in the supply chain such as suppliers and distributors who provide them with raw materials and finished products.

How does Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) work with other departments?

Manufacturing Operations Management – MOM plays a vital role in the day-to-day functions of companies. It is important that they work closely with other departments to ensure that day-to-day operations are running smoothly. There are two main ways in which Manufacturing Operations Management interacts with other departments:

1. They maintain communication between these departments to make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is happening throughout the organization at any given time. For example, if research and development needs an operation line shut down for an hour, then Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) will be contacted first to find out when it can happen so that no other department gets disrupted by this change.

2. They provide support for other departments by solving problems and resolving conflicts within their company to help them operate more efficiently.

How can Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) be helpful?

Manufacturing operations management is the heart of manufacturing process. It includes managing the manufacturing process, which can include production, quality assurance, inventory management, materials handling, maintenance and so on.

First of all it’s important to know about the three major areas of manufacturing operations: production planning and control (PPC), inventory management and logistics (IML) and maintenance. The first one is responsible for making sure that production and supplies match demand and leads to an optimized use of resources like machines, people and tools. IML deals with managing inventory levels in order to meet customer demand as well as reducing lead times. Maintenance is responsible for keeping those key assets up-to-date with the latest technologies that could help them work better or last longer.

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