Operator MES & OEE | Production Control System
Easily manage your production with Operator Dispatching Manager. Operator provides quick and efficient control of all the activities connected to production execution.
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Dispatching Manager

Where do we stand with the plan?

The Operator Dispatching Manager module takes work orders and operations management to a new level. With this module, you can easily and conveniently manage your production. The Operator production tools add a communication channel between the people responsible for planning and execution. It also provides quick and efficient control of all the activities connected to production execution. This not only covers processes in the production area but also influences the whole supply chain, distribution, quality assurance, and maintenance processes.

Key benefits

  • Provide shop floor users with live information about production currently in progress.
  • Make quick decisions and react to unexpected events or clients’ changed requirements.
  • Give your operators a full overview of what, how and when to produce.
  • Monitor and synchronize different activities across the company.
  • Provide full visibility of job execution.
  • Improve the whole supply chain process.
Operator OEE

What should I do?

The Dispatching Managing module provides a highly configurable work list screen, which serves as the main window for shop floor users. It provides an overview of work lists for any production station on the shop floor, and delivers all the information needed for effective job execution.


With the increasing number of product orders, companies have to increasingly meet the demand for an item while also ensuring the quality of the goods. This is why most companies today rely on reliable and fast production control systems.

The production process often consists of many interdependent elements. These can be activities directly related to the manufacture of the product, but also:

consumption of materials / semi-finished products in the quantity and quality required by technology (BOM),
material or intra-process (between resources) logistics,
availability of documentation around production,
integration of an order (production order) with machines e.g. loading an appropriate program

and many others. That is why a production control system is used in order to optimally connect the many components of production processes.

Operator Dispatching manager is a set of tools, which allows to gather all the requirements for the production process in one place. It provides the machine operator with all the information needed to produce a product that meets all quality requirements and acts as a production control system.

The production manager, on the other hand, will find here all the information about the progress of the process.

Production Control System

A production control system is a type of computer software that is used to monitor and control a company’s production process. Production control systems can help optimize and maintain production efficiency and quality by monitoring and controlling the flow of materials.

Production control systems are also sometimes called enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, which helps companies integrate their various departments for better management.

Production Control Systems are used in all industries because they help optimize productivity, quality, and other aspects/variables that are essential to the success of any business.

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