Operator MES & OEE | Continuous Improvement, Key performance indicator
Operator Manufacturing Intelligence – one, consistent solution, which helps to understand what is limiting your factory’s performance, quickly identifying and responding to deviations in production.
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Manufacturing Intelligence for continuous Improvement

Enjoy full visibility for better Continuous Improvement management

In many manufacturing sites, the IT landscape is a mixture of multiple sources of data. Applications tend to be isolated, and deliver different data from the production execution. Production managers often struggle to get an overview of their plant efficiency from this scattered data. A lot of important data comes from Excel sheets, machine own SCADA applications, paper systems and other unconnected solutions.


One, consistent solution, which gives you the insights you need to understand what is limiting your factory’s performance, is clearly what is required. The Operator Dashboard and Analytics is a consistent intelligence solution, which gathers and aggregates data from different sources. It delivers many different reports, giving you a full overview on your production enterprises.


The Operator MES system integrates and complements all production data in one combined IT solution. It adds a layer between the ERP system and the shop-floor level systems. This not only covers processes in the production area but also influences the whole supply chain, distribution, quality assurance and maintenance.

Clear view on Continuous Improvement

Get online and relevant data about your resources’ performance

The Operator OEE module includes a Machine Intelligence solution that is designed to provide a wide display of KPIs, delivering a range of operational benefits. Increased responsiveness means you can quickly identifying and responding to deviations in production, leading to increased efficiency.


Operator Machine Intelligence gathers information about machine performance and gives you total control of your own production floor cockpit – Operator Dashboard. It makes important data easier to find, understand and analyze. Operator Dashboard gathers several different intelligence reports on one screen, displaying data as pivot tables, charts or speedometers, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience than traditional lists.

Operator MES / OEE accelerates

Continuous Improvement process.


Production management is one of the harder jobs of a production manager or supervisor. Many factors have to be taken into account, in addition, many interfere or hinder this task. The complexity of various production processes makes it difficult to develop a proper system to make production analysis effective.

Production KPI’s or Manufacturing KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) help to prepare reports and analyses on this topic, but it takes a lot of time. Production indicators such as COPQ – Cost of Poor Quality, OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness, ECP – Efficiency of Working Time or preparation of other work audits are necessary to observe production development and avoid future problems. However, the appropriate development of each indicator and its analysis, completing the data in the Exel program or another program takes up valuable time of the manager, who could use it in other ways. Production analysis using production indicators allows to relieve the manager.

To make production analysis easier and more efficient many Manufacturing Intelligence programs and applications have been developed. They help to maintain all necessary data, calculate results, analyze (thanks to Dashboards & Analytics), present final results. Nowadays, it is a great support for management work, especially when production processes are so complex and extensive that it is not enough to calculate basic production indicators. A comprehensive analysis of all Production KPI is needed to ensure continuous improvement of production and better results.


KPI stand for Key Performance Indicator. Also known as Production KPI or Manufacturing KPI. As the name suggests, they are important for the proper development of a company in a given direction and for the analysis of production. Manufacturing Intelligence modules or systems optimize this process. It supports the examination of the current situation, ending the whole process with extensive conclusions presented in a clear and readable way. Important in this solution is, that all necessary elements of production analysis are in one place. There is no need to use other auxiliary programs. Connecting the application with the shop floor system is an easy and very helpful solution because most data is automatically downloaded from the system.

It is not a well-known fact that detailed observation helps to minimize the occurrence of problems in the future. This means that analysis of production results can show minor anomalies or fluctuations in production indicators. In this way, minor difficulties can be eliminated in time and large problems that could arise in the future can be avoided.

Key performace indicator (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI for short) are measurable to better understand the success or failure of a specific project. Production KPI is used for production analysis and used when you need to understand how much work has been done, how much time is left and overall performance to provide valuable insight for future projects.

Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) is used to measure progress on your project. They help you determine if you are on track to meet your deadline and what needs improvement before it is too late. It provides information about where potential problems may be coming from and what can be done about them.

KPIs are quantitative measures that tell you how your business is performing. They are used to analyzing production and how effectively an organization is meeting its goals.

Production KPI or Manufacturing KPI is usually a performance measure that has been defined by the management of the company. It can be qualitative or quantitative and represents one or more aspects of the business.

Dashboards & Analytics

Dashboards & Analytics:

A dashboard is a graphical representation of the most important aspects of data in the form of key performance indicators, which are graphed in relation to one another.

A dashboard can be used to present data in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand way.

An analytics is a tool that can help you monitor, measure, and analyze your company’s digital marketing efforts.

Production management dashboards are used by production managers to monitor their inventory levels, forecast demand, track costs and margins. They help by providing performance metrics (analytics) for every department so that they can adjust their operations accordingly.

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