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Synchronize warehouse management with production and quality with Operator WMS solution. Get fast and seamless goods, material, logistic and warehouse tasks management module integrated to Operator MES.
Warehouse Management, QA, Quality Assurance, Supply chain management, WMS
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Operator Warehouse Management (WMS)

Get smooth and effective warehouse management in your enterprise with Operator WMS

The Operator Warehouse management is designed to manage and execute all warehouse and inventory management activities in a simple and effective way. Operator Material flow goes beyond traditional Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) by providing a unified solution for material storage management with the production process execution.

Operator WMS

The module covers the entire warehousing operation. It contains of a number of functionalities to manage all activities related to material, goods management within your manufacturing company.


The main functionalities of this module are:

  • Goods Receive (from Purchase Order and Distribution Order)
  • Dispatch goods (on Customer Order and DO)
  • Issue goods (to Manufacturing Order)
  • Put Away goods (from MO)
  • Move (between locations or warehouses)
  • Count (Spot count single location or counting list)
  • Info (different views of registered stock by location, item, order)
  • Split or merge products within one storage place, batch or lot number.
Operator WMS menu

Improve your Material flow management with a unified solution that will synchronize warehouse with the shop-floor

With Operator Warehouse Management, you can secure just-in-time material flow in your factory. The Operator WMS module offers a single point of material management for the shop floor and warehouse workers. Information and goods exchange between these two organizations is smooth and automatic.

Operator Forklift management

Get fast and seamless production logistic tasks management

This integration allows to implement best practice methodologies like Just-in-Time manufacturing, sequenced assembly and shipping to eliminate idle inventory, reduce waste and increase efficiency in your organization.


For example, system can automatically signal to warehouse material replenishment, based on the manufacturing order, BOM and stage production process execution. Then a graphical indicator on the warehouseman screen is generated with all information the information needed for execution: what, where, how many and when.

The Warehouseman can move goods to the production manufacturing line location and report it as a simple stock movement.


All registering on each step of the process can be done using barcode, RFID scanners, or scales if available with Device Input Handling functionality.

Monitor product quality from the 1st steps of supply chain process.

The Operator Warehouse module is seamlessly integrated with the Operator Quality Assurance module. Thanks to this combination it is possible to ensure high quality of delivered materials.

The system can start an intuitive quality workflow process on materials or finish goods deliveries. This workflow process defines what kind of test should be done at each material.

In the most cases, quality check needs to be performed on the product delivery. It can be called up on the delivery: from supplier, production, or subcontractor.

When the Warehouseman/Truck driver start the delivery process, system show a popup screen with some quality check. For example, system can:

  • ask about package condition.
  • order to take some samples to laboratory test.
  • ask for weight or other measurements.
  • and many other tests.

System also provide the description how quality actions should be performed and how samples for tests should be taken.


Quality check mostly depends on the product but also can depend on the supplier – products from one supplier need to be verified but from other (trustworthy) not.

Quality assurance

The Operator Warehouse Management (WMS) solution is a part of the Operator suite and is fully integrated with Operator Production and the other Operator modules.

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