Furniture industry solutions

Secure higher efficiency to produce more with the same resources

Furniture companies worldwide increasingly are stressed with global pressure to find better efficiency. Price sensitivity, volatile raw material cost, labor demands, and growing customer demand for more configured product options continue to erode already thin margins. The Operator MOM system is designed for the purpose of creating a new level of transparency in furniture manufacturing by making your data accessible and highly visible.

Thanks to Operator you will be able to remove unnecessary steps and creates an error-free, paperless and smooth production process. System helps ensuring efficiency and a higher quality level in your daily production. The Operator MOM functionalities are designed to secure accurate data, visibility and a motivated effective workforce, and help you to make the right decisions at the right time – key attributes that every Operator Systems solution can deliver.

Better production process realization management

  • Continuously efficiency improvement Operator provides wide display of OEE and other KPIs, delivering a wide-range of operational benefits and increase efficiency and aid responsiveness by quickly identifying and responding to deviations in production.
  • Lead time reduction and better machines utilization with the Operator scheduling functionality which enables the foreman to optimize plan of each production order for individual resource or machine.
  • Full visibility of production processes. Operator Systems provides possibility of quantities on-line reporting, workforce and resources utilization, with integration to machines. Production and warehouse data gathered be Operator are available in Operator Manufacturing intelligence and Enterprise systems (BI, ERP, APS) for scheduling and planning, to optimize enterprise costs.
  • Effective reworked, reclassified or scraped materials handling. Quality and rework management is also secured by the Operator solution. Each company is able to define their own rework process.

Improve synchronization and visibility of logistic processes

  • Simple, smooth and automatic material exchange in all logistic steps: between multiple production places, shop-floor and warehouse. Operator Logistic module thanks to full integration with production gives single point of goods management for shop-floor and warehouse workers. This integration allows to implement best practice methodologies like Just-in-Time manufacturing, sequenced assembly and shipping to eliminate idle inventory, reduce waste and increase efficiency in your organization.
  • Full integration between production, logistics and scheduling helps the production to secure the right stock level and ensures a precise stock and easy product count. This prevents the production from stopping due to lack of raw materials or capacity in the warehouse.
  • Efficient identification of items in production with bar code scanning. The Operator label management module does not only handle labels but also enables the company to print out documentation for the production process, delivery notes, production notes etc.

With Operator Systems, you can optimize performance across all aspects of the order-to-delivery cycle, including your people, materials, machines and processes. With real-time data, signals, alerts, KPIs and business intelligence to and from any network location around the world, Operator Systems solution gives opportunity to respond quickly to regulatory change and unexpected events.

Some of the Furniture manufacturers that have chosen to implement an Operator Systems solution include:

  • IKEA Industries – 28 sites worldwide
  • Duba 88
  • Swedspan
  • IKEA Components

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