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Food manufacturers are faced with the extremely difficult task of maintaining the highest possible safety and quality standards.

Low margins, problems with availability of raw materials, high utility prices, powerful retailers, stringent product genealogy requirements and increasingly stringent food safety regulations pose serious challenges for companies operating in the food industry.

In the face of these challenges, the Operator Platform helps food manufacturers improve production efficiency, grow and build a competitive advantage – all based on reliable data.

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Operator for the food industry is...

Control and visibility of production processes

The Operator platform provides full control and monitoring of production processes in real time, enabling better resource planning, optimal use of manpower and resources, and integration with machines.

In this way, we can increase production efficiency and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.

Cost optimization

With access to collected production data, the Operator Platform enables optimization of production costs and efficient use of resources such as raw materials, energy and labor.

Sets of reports and analysis will allow comparing, among other things, machine efficiency, quality or response times to problems between areas, shifts, over time.

Automation and traceability

Automatic data acquisition from machines and the use of barcodes, makes it possible to collect traceability and product genealogy data in a precise and fast way.

This allows to improve the Quality Control process (also the efficiency of response to quality problems), minimizes the risk of mistakes, and facilitates the response to problems or handling of complaints.

The Operator Platform supports a variety of barcode and QR code standards, including GS1 (EAN). It also allows you to ergonomically create and manage label templates and send them to printers, for example. Zebra or Citizen.

Compliance with industry standards and norms

Operator platform allows food manufacturers to easily and efficiently meet the demands of the industry’s norms and standards, such as. IFS Food, BRC, ISO 22000 or HACCP..

Thanks to intuitive registration and automation of many activities, the implemented standards become real tools for improving production efficiency and safety – not just a formal requirement that requires an amount of creative work before each audit.

Efficient response to changing conditions

Operator Systems’ software enables rapid data analysis and the creation of new reports, enabling food manufacturers to respond quickly to changing market conditions and consumer preferences. This maintains competitiveness and increases production flexibility – so important in the food industry.

New product implementations

Operator Systems software enables flexible and fast adaptation of production processes for new product launches. The use of templates, patterns or product families eliminates or reduces the work needed to define new products in the system – so that we have correct, continuous product data – right from the first tests.

This allows food manufacturers to respond quickly to changing trends and consumer preferences.

Digital transformation of a manufacturing enterprise doesn’t have to be complicated. The Operator Platform is an MES-class solution successfully used by companies in the food industry to monitor and improve production. We would be happy to talk about your challenges.