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Do you have a complete picture of your production? The Operator Platform gives you full visibility into all key areas of your process.

  • Automatic monitoring of machine efficiency (OEE).
  • Full control of manufacturing order execution(MES).
  • Advanced reports and analysis, including using artificial intelligence(AI) methods.

Every now and then new challenges arise in production. Solving one problem results in the identification of more problems. That’s why, for nearly 20 years, our customers have found in Platform Operator their ally in the process of improving production, Lean initiatives, Six Sigma projects, World Class Manufacturing or in the search for more possibilities for improvement.
Operator Platform is a flexible, standard solution designed for manufacturing companies. It is easy to implement, integrate with existing systems and maintain. At its core is the monitoring and control of production efficiency, by means of, among other thing, the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) indicator. Thanks to its modular design, the Operator Platform supports the entire production process – from the control of incoming materials, to the monitoring of key parameters, machines and people, to the printing of the logistics label.

Modular design

Operator OEE

is the core module of the Operator Platform. Its main task is to measure production efficiency using, among other things. Overall Equipment Efficiency(OEE) indicator. Operator OEE has two ways of obtaining data: Machine Operation Status – Measuring Overall Equipment Efficiency in real time, based on data from the OPC UA server. Production Execution – full functionality of the MES terminal – allows dispatching of work, reporting of progress or quantities of product and waste.


A comprehensive solution to monitor and improve the quality of manufacturing, and as a result avoid wasting materials, energy or time. It also allows manufacturers to meet the requirements of contractors or regulations governing their industry. The capabilities of the Quality module include. Statistical Process Control(SPC), the creation of checklists or efficient mechanisms for taking and controlling samples from production.


Maintenance Management is an area that allows efficient integration and improvement of cooperation between Maintenance and Production departments. Thanks to the Maintenance module, we receive immediate information about problems in production and can measure reaction time or methods of solving them. The Maitenance module is also the ability to plan and create service tasks or define workflows for standard activities.

Operator Mobile Application

are the key capabilities of the entire platform in an integrated mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices.


is a simple module that supports the work of foremen, team-leaders or planners. It allows you to view and change the sequence of operations executed on a given line or machine. All based on current information on current status, availability of materials or current problems in production.

Warehouse Mobility

allows you to handle the process of manufacturing logistics, that is, everything that happens between the release of raw materials and materials for production and the receipt of the finished product into the warehouse. In traditional WMS systems or warehouse modules of ERP systems, this area is usually a “black box” – with Warehouse Mobility you get full information about the flow of materials through production.

Time & Attendance

monitoring of employees’ working time, allows efficient and simple registration of entries and exits and export of data to, for example, the HR and Payroll module of the ERP system.

Advanced Continuous Improvement Process

monitoring of employees’ working time, allows efficient and simple registration of entries and exits and export of data to, for example, the HR and Payroll module of the ERP system.

Manufacturing Intelligence

is a solution that combines data from all of your company’s active Operator Platform modules in such a way as to derive maximum business value from them. Manufacturing Intelligence is a set of dozens of standard reports that we can customize to meet your needs.

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