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Furniture industry

Furniture manufacturers are under global pressure to strive for greater efficiency.

Price sensitivity, fluctuating raw material costs, labor requirements and growing demand for increasingly personalized products are depleting already thin margins.


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Operator for the furniture industry is a...

  • Continuous productivity improvement. Operator extensively displays OEE and other KPIs, showing a wide range of operational benefits, thereby increasing production efficiency and improving responsiveness to any deviations that can be quickly identified.
  • Reduced lead times and better utilization of machines thanks to a scheduling function that allows the foreman to optimize the plan of each production order for individual resources or machines.
  • Full visibility of production processes. Operator Systems enables real-time reporting of quantities produced, optimal use of manpower and resources, and integration with equipment. The production and warehousing data collected by the Operator is available in Manufacturing Intelligence and Enterprise systems (BI, ERP, APS), which are designed to schedule and plan production to optimize enterprise costs.
  • Effective handling of modified, reclassified materials and waste. The Operator’s solution ensures effective quality and modification management. Each company is able to create its own product modification process.
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