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Paper, plastics and packaging industry

Rising raw material and energy costs, increasing competition, smaller margins and strict regulations: paper and plastics producers are under constant pressure. They need to focus on business efficiency to reduce waste, maintain a consistent level of quality and do more with fewer resources. Solution

An MES operator for the plastics and paper industry helps achieve better operational efficiency, by, among other things: optimizing each stage of the order-to-invoice cycle.

Efektywność produkcji z Operator Systems / Napełnianie butelek PET.
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Operator for the paper, plastics and packaging industry is...

  • Simple, smooth and automatic exchange of materials at all logistical stages: between numerous production sites, the factory floor and the warehouse. With full integration into the production process, Operator enables unified material management for shop floor and warehouse employees. This integration allows the implementation of best methodologies such as just-in-time (JIT) production, sequential assembly and shipping. This is aimed at eliminating the backlog, reducing the amount of waste generated and increasing the total efficiency of the company. Enterprise-wide data integration and management.
  • Effective identification of goods in the plant at each successive stage of production using barcodes. The label management module not only takes care of the labels themselves, but also allows you to print production process documentation, delivery notes, production notes, etc.
  • Rapid adaptation to new work with short lead times and fast information flow.
  • Effective handling of modified materials, reclassified materials and waste. The Operator’s solution ensures effective quality and modification management. Each company is able to create its own product modification process.
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