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Production optimization and continuous improvement by Operator Systems – provider of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) systems.
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Operator Production Optimizer

A compass pointing to offer of Production Management solution.


Operator Systems delivers a fast and flexible, standardized solution focused on solving business challenges specific to manufacturing companies. It provides easy-to-implement and easy-to-maintain solutions such as OEE, SPC, Quality Control and others.

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At Operator Systems, we follow the Industry 4.0 technology including IIoT, Predictive analytics and cloud computing to help our customers to improve effectiveness and competitiveness. Some of our clients are world-recognized leaders and innovators.

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Our customers are our best testimonials. Operator Systems has helped some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, such as Continental, IKEA Industries (30+ production sites), Amcor and OSTP. We have more than 130 worldwide implementations.


Our customers are our best testimonials.
The Operator solution supports, leading World Class Manufacturing.


The Operator solution seamlessly integrates with your resources to monitor, aggregate and provide data necessary for deeper analysis.
With strong analytics tool, you will be able to identify the root cause for a problem including interdependencies between different measures, e.g. stop reason, product produced and SPC values for temperature, humidity etc.


Operator provides the opportunity to quickly implement and evaluate continuous improvement activities. It helps you to monitor your production processes, alerts you if something unplanned is happening, and allows you to ascertain the effectiveness of your improvements. With KPI dashboards that points you directly to the currently most important problem / focus area.


With Operator, you can follow live KPIs, such as OEE performance. It displays real-time status as well as historical data so you can see which products or resources often fall outside the acceptable norms. Increased responsiveness means you can quickly identifying and responding to deviations in production, leading to increased efficiency.



Thoughtful production management enables you to increase your company’s revenue by improving your manufacturing process. To increase the efficiency of your workplace, Operator production management software can help by continuously monitoring all processes and exposing the steps that need improvement.

Operator production management software capabilities

With production management software from Operator Systems, the turnaround time on any given job is significantly reduced by monitoring performance in real time. Production management software allows operators to make corrections in areas that are not performing satisfactorily. Implementing improvement actions does not guarantee immediate success, usually production improvement is an ongoing process, therefore production management software also allows you to track progress resulting from the implementation of improvements. Thanks to this, it is easy to assess whether the introduced changes have had a positive impact on productivity. Production management software is therefore a versatile tool that will allow any company to increase productivity and thus profits.

Production & Supply Chain management

Production management also works well in monitoring and improving the supply chain. Before goods get from production to distribution, there can be a number of mistakes or shortcomings that affect productivity, delays or even customer dissatisfaction. A responsible company should always ensure that the supply chain is optimized and properly managed. Supply chain management using IT systems from Operator Systems enables the efficient transfer of goods between links in the chain, which increases production efficiency.

A modern company

Production management with the use of intelligent systems and special software is becoming a hallmark of modern companies that want to maximize efficiency, thus achieving considerable profit and customer and contractor satisfaction. It should be remembered that in every complex process there are elements that can be improved, therefore it is worth relying on the support of production management systems and software. They will allow you to save time needed to notice and define the problem and make the necessary changes. A modern company is an innovative approach to all aspects related to its operations. In the era of widespread digitization, intelligent production and supply chain management is essential to stand out from the competition.

What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management is the process of managing the flow of goods and services between the points of origin and destination for delivery.

There are four major steps in supply chain management: planning, sourcing, production, and distribution. The planning stage includes forecasting demand for products or services, identifying suppliers that can provide those products or services at a fair price, preparing contracts with suppliers that outline specifications and requirements, developing logistics to move goods from the supplier to the company’s distribution center or directly to customers.

It is essential for companies to track their supply chains in order to know if they are meeting customer demands. This is done by assessing how much inventory is on hand or how long it takes for an order to be fulfilled.

What is production management?

Production management is a type of project management that deals with the production and operation of a product.

This management consists of various stages such as conceptualization, development, production, and supply chain coordination. This concept was first introduced in the early 1960s in the United States.

Production managers are responsible for overseeing the operations involved in manufacturing goods and services. They’re also responsible for identifying any issues that might arise during this process and determining how best to solve them.


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