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General manufacturing companies are facing global growth opportunities not seen in decades. However, the existing infrastructure, which is built on a patchwork of various autonomous industrial production systems, may waste these opportunities altogether.

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The Operator for general manufacturing is...

  • Full transparency of production processes. Operator Systems enables real-time quantitative production reporting, optimal use of manpower and resources, and integration with machines. The collected production and warehousing data is available in the Operator Manufacturing Intelligence and Enterprise (BI, ERP, APS) systems, which are designed to schedule and plan production to optimize enterprise costs.
  • Quickly adapt to the production of new products, in a short period of time and fast flow of information.
  • Automate processes that collect traceability data to improve accuracy and responsiveness. The Operator enables efficient identification of goods in the plant at each successive stage of production by means of barcodes.
  • Standardized management of metrics across a worldwide manufacturing network to improve brand integrity. Thanks to its unique architecture, the Operator suite can support any metric system and convert units to any production or logistics operation. With this solution, factories in different parts of the world do not have to change their habits, and the data in the system is consistent and reliable.
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